Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to make a COMIC BOOK table


So I saw this awesome idea somewhere online on decoupaging furniture with Sunday funnies. Well, being the geek I am, I decided to take it a step further, and decoupage my kitchen table with comic books. I tried to search the internet on any how-to's, and came up with nothing, so I decided to blog about it!

First I started with my plain wood kitchen table.
and some Justice League comics I bought at
Salt Lake Comic Con

 I sanded the table down with some coarse sand paper and cut up the comics into small strips
placed them on the table somewhat how I wanted them placed, then glued them on my table with some good old fashion Elmer's Glue

                        once it was finished, I covered it in an epoxy resin I got from a local craft store
place a tarp or something you don't care to ruin underneath to catch any dripping
DISCLAIMER!!! Read the directions for the epoxy fully before using! Also, make sure you cover ALL of your comics with glue FULLY and let it dry before covering in the epoxy. Any areas uncovered in glue will appear wet, leaving your comics looking blotchy like someone sprayed it with a water bottle.